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Embedded UX Design Services for HealthTech & B2B SaaS Teams

Scale Faster
Scale Faster

Beat Your UX Bottleneck

Many HealthTech teams arrive at a point where the demands of their product roadmap exceed their internal capacity for UX design.


Perhaps you’ve reached a crossroads where it finally makes sense to delegate design so your busy engineers can concentrate on what they do best.


Maybe you’ve prioritized functionality over design, and are now looking to focus on creating consistent, intuitive and beautiful user experience.


Or perhaps you have extensive UX design requirements across a suite of complex product portfolio.


We partner with HealthTech startups and enterprises to overcome these challenges and accelerate the release of better applications.

1500+ healthcare UX projects completed for startups to industry leaders


There's so much in our industry that's very unique. Partnering with an agency that has deep experience around B2B enterprise healthcare tech - selling into hospitals and private practices - provided huge alignment.

~ Healthcare SaaS Product Leader

Award-Winning UX Expertise For HealthTech Companies

The complex and high-stakes world of healthcare presents a steep (and often frustrating) learning curve for scaling your UX capabilities.

At Koru, we work exclusively with HealthTech teams.

Our award-winning expertise is backed by 1500+ successful projects that have impacted the lives of millions of users around the world.

Most UX teams wouldn’t know HIPAA from HL7. Our nuanced understanding of medical devices, healthtech products, and specialized medicine platforms allows us to accelerate our impact from day one.


Testing, evaluating and iteratively designing solutions for patients, payers, providers and physicians is literally all we do… as a result, we are very good at it.

User-Centric, Scalable Solutions That Are Secure & Compliant

Practice Management
Health Plans & Benefits
Healthcare Accessibility

Telehealth Integration in EHR to Assist Overburdened Providers

Improved patient care by merging safety, communication, and real-time tools for providers: appointment alerts, pre-visit patient review, and live translation/transcription.

 Telehealth Integration in EHR to Assist Overburdened Providers

Embedded UX Design Services to Help You Scale Faster

We help HealthTech leaders quickly uplift their UX capability and capacity, so you can meet your ambitious product roadmap.

Agile & Integrated Team

As an extension of your team, we provide a seamless, collaborative, and agile approach. Our method emphasizes constant communication, fast iterations, and thorough alignment throughout the project lifecycle.

Deep Healthcare Experience

As your scalable global partner, you’ll benefit from an award-winning UX team with deep healthcare experience, without giving up control of your vision. We help you accomplish more with your budget, so you can scale faster.


For about the equivalent salary of hiring a junior in-house, we were able to get two very talented senior UI designers, plus project management and reporting.

~ Founder, AI-based Startup

Scale Faster
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Why Partner With Koru

Over a decade, 300+ companies have trusted Koru to simplify their user experiences.

Take Your Budget Further.

Build a world-class UX team without compromising on quality.

Truly Integrated & Agile.

Daily communication, fast iterations and deep alignment.

Make Complex Software Simple.

Reimagine detailed user journeys into intuitive experiences.

Better UX Through Better Questions.

Expertise and collaboration for smarter cycles.

Big Ambitions? No Problems.

Scale fast and deliver on intense product roadmaps.

Engineering Teams Love Us.

We provide designs that are simple and streamlined to deploy.

Recognized Globally For
UX Excellence & Outstanding Design


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How we Help

From AI-powered conversation experiences to telehealth integrated into EHRs, growth-focused HealthTech teams rely on us to create intuitive and thoughtful user experiences for millions of users worldwide.

Pragmatic healthcare UX Strategies

Create and assemble tactics to meet the need of present healthcare complexities and compliances while keeping an eye on the future of healthcare technology.

Specialized User Research

Futuristic Prototypes

Scalable Design Systems

Are You Ready To Scale Faster?

At Koru, we specialize in helping HealthTech companies meet ambitious roadmaps by embedding our award-winning UX expertise into your team.

By combining our deep experience in the Healthcare sector, with a seamless, collaborative, and agile approach to UX, we can help you test, evaluate and iteratively build faster than you previously thought possible.

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